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Our Staff


Fiercely dedicated, insurance intellect, and master multitasker are a few characteristics embodied by our office manager, Shirley Bennett. Corralling the crew since 2013, this lady is the driving force for the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff, thereby allowing the medical providers of Azalea Women’s Center to deliver impeccable and unparalleled care to their patients. Her unwavering dedication and service to others doesn’t cease once she departs the office. Just ask her mother or grandchildren. When she seldom takes time for herself, you will see the outline of her shadow on a lake, holding a fishing pole in her kayak.


The coordinator and leader of our clinical division is Ansley Edenfield. The efficiency by which she conducts traffic throughout the office is unremarkable. She’s been an asset to this clinical team since 2012. Assisting Doctor Sharon with medical procedures, serving as the contact for laboratory reports, and working up patients are just a few named duties of this hardworking medical assistant. When she’s not at the office, you will likely find her spending time with her two daughters or with her head in a book studying to continue her education. Her best kept secret is that she is absolutely an amazing painter!


When you pass through the threshold of Azalea Women’s Center, you will first encounter the world’s most honest, kind-hearted person, Cathy Statler. A misplaced northerner, who joined our team in 2009, owns the most authentic southern smile you will ever see. This genuine lover of people has never met a stranger. As the front desk supervisor, she can answer the phone, make an appointment, entice you to complete necessary paperwork, genuinely inquire about your well-being and balance end of day statements faster than most people can blink. Married to her high school sweetheart, she is the proud mama of two fine gentlemen. Given the chance, you will find this endearing soul lounging in her immaculately clean abode in her pajamas.

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